You know those things that have supposedly been there all along, without any real attention on them or focus, sometimes without even a name until someone comes up with the tonic for it.

That’s what I feel about with Atrial Fibrillation. My heart was first examined over 25 years ago. It was determined that I had an irregular irregularity in my rhythm, PACs, PVCs and a murmer. That was kinda it. No name, real diagnosis and certainly no treatment.

Fast forward to the present and you can’t go through a football game on TV without hearing bout Atrial Fibrillation, and the great cures that they have for it now!

Until they come up with Viagra ED wasn’t any real bit of a problem for us.

So why would a Bryn Mawr dentist put this on a dental blog?

I’m sooooo glad you asked!

When you see movies and TV shows from the 70’s their teeth were not just darker, but not nearly as pretty in general as those that we see all around us today.
Brite Smile and Zoom are the main products that got us to where we can whiten the teeth to where they are now and that is what raised the bar for what we consider a nice natural shade of whiteness for our teeth. B-1, which used to be the old ridiculously-white, is now the new kinda-dank.
Without the really safe and effective way to whiten the teeth it would be too obvious to get porcelain veneers and crowns made really white, because then EVERYBODY would know that you chose to get really white “fake teeth”.
Now that the whitening processes are so common, it’s opened the door for things to get whiter and whiter and still look unnaturally natural. Check out our teeth whitening services here!

Invisalign and the other clear aligner systems that we are using are another example of markets that opened up after the products were invented. There’s no way Gen X, Y and especially the Boomers were going to wear braces in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Add to that the huge marketing (on the limited cases that actually are no-prep) on porcelain veneer cases that can be done without any drilling of the teeth, and more and more people are looking to get their grill-on . Check out our Invisalign Bryn Mawr PA services.

These are all of the things that have caused the cosmetic dentistry revolution

Another area where dentistry has created a solution to a little-talked about problem is with sleep apnea. Most of the leading apnea treatment associations agree that dental appliances are the preferred first line of treatment to open airways while sleeping. Here in Bryn Mawr and the Philadelphia area we are sensitized about this because of Reggie White’s tragic death.
This is a great service that is way more comfortable, invasive and noisy as a CPAP machine and often will allow loved ones to sleep in the same bed again.
Who knows what solutions we’ll come up with in 2013 that will take care of things we barely recognize as problems now!

Game ON!

Happy new Year

David M.Dillon, DMD
Dillon Family Dentistry