Tooth decay is back En Vogue!

Did you know that for the first time in recorded history tooth (hyperlink: is on the rise.

Back in the 60’s the various disciplines of Medicine set goals for the year 2000.

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Not only was dentistry one of the few that met their goals, we were the first!

Significant decreases in decay, gum disease and edentulism (not having teeth) were all recorded thanks to the introduction of fluoride into drinking water and education about homecare.

Fast forward to 2011 and there is now an increase in the incidence of decay.

Can you guess why?

I’d say there are several factors, but most notably is the prevalence of bottled and filtered water.

I’ll be you can guess what they’re filtering out.

Yup, our friendly fluoride is no longer along for the ride.

Many municipalities have had groups successfully petition to get it removed. Concerns about a condition, fluorosis,

(insert hyperlink to : in areas with extremely high levels of fluoride in the natural drinking water is usually at the heart of the fluoride ban. Oddly enough it is the dentists in most communities that are at the frontlines of trying to get the fluoride put in the municipal water.

Even if you local water supply is not fluoridated that chances are excellent that much of what you eat and drink is made with fluoridated water as an ingredient.

Another factor that could be contributing to the increase in decay is the rising popularity or sports (hyperlink: drinks that are just as bad for your teeth as soda.

I was shocked as a parent when I went to the pediatrician with my daughters and the Dr. Woehling told us that the girls should just be drinking water and milk. I initially thought the omission of juice was an oversight, but then as a dentist I was very happy to hear that she recommended having the girls limit their juice intake.

On the upside, the girls were happy to hear that chocolate milk was on the list of good drinks.

In fact, chocolate milk might be a better recovery drink after exercise than the sports drinks themselves.


Just pouring a little drink for thought out there.

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