Here are some alarming stats about dentures and edentulism, having no teeth.
More than 33 million Americans have no teeth, so that’s over 10% of the population. More than what you thought?
Sure those over 65 are responsible for more than a quarter of that, but there’s plenty of the ‘younger’ represented here. We are a little better than our neighbors to the North. 30% of Canadians are edentulous. They might have taken down our Hockey teams (and the Latvians) in the Olympics, but we got ‘em in teeth!!!

Here’s the craziest stat of them all as far as I’m concerned:
Only 9% of the completely edentulous wear dentures. You would think that in this day and age that we would be better at this. A large percentage of these numbers are those that are having a hard time making life work for them and maybe we should be looking for solutions to help those trying to help themselves. I’m fortunate that out here as a Bryn Mawr Dentist, I have people coming in dire conditions and they find themselves at the end of the road with their teeth and we look for options.
Some people are still choosing complete dentures, especially for the top teeth. Believe it or not we have more trouble getting the bottom teeth to stay in place. Implants of some sort are usually needed to give even the basic level of comfort, function, esthetics and confidence.

Dental Implants have been an invaluable asset in helping those that would like more stable dentures. Whether it is an implant supported bridge, partial or full denture or overdenture we can give our patients several alternative plans predictably.

Here’s some information about what an overdenture is for you.

With or without implants we are almost always able to give people dentures the same day that we remove their teeth. Can you imagine what that could mean to someone in that predicament?

Even more common:

How about this:
178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. That’s well over half of us in the US.

Once again we have progressed with our utilization of implants to the point where we can usually place a temporary crown on an implant we place immediately after taking out front tooth.

Dentistry is getting easier, better and faster all of the time.

One of the most important determinants of options and viability is getting an early enough diagnosis. If we get a patient in that is having a dental emergency we might not have all of the best options available for them.

So if you ever find yourself or are helping a loved one with some of these problems one of the best things you can do is see your dentist as soon as possible and just discuss your options while you still have all of them at your disposal.

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