We set the tone of our office by the music we select for every patient that comes in, but we don’t do Heavy Metal.
OK, at least not in the teeth.
As dentistry has evolved, we’ve moved away from metal restorations. Porcelains have gotten stronger and more versatile over the years.
We’ve been admiring all of the smiles and lives we’ve changed with porcelain veneers over the past few weeks. Porcelain looks so warm and natural when there is no metal under it. Just about all of the crowns and veneers we do in the front of the mouth are porcelain or a variation of porcelain.
In the back we have been using Zirconia crowns for the past few years. It is one of the strongest materials available, allowing it to be thinner, which means less tooth structure needs to be drilled away in order to place it. We can use the material for crowns and bridges.
I haven’t placed an amalgam or any other metal filling for almost 25 years now. The bonding materials and process have gotten so good that there is rarely any sensitivity and they are very strong. Maybe the best thing about the bonded, composite fillings is that they also require much less drilling. This means more conservative treatment and allows us to do more fillings painlessly without even having to get the patient numb.
There are other values in being metal-free. The biggest one might be health. We’re not using materials that have toxic components in our patient’s mouths or our office. Better for everyone and the environment.
Back when we were using crown and bridge materials that had metals in them many of our patients had had bad reactions to even some of the trace metals. In very rare occasions this could have some type of a systemic response, but much more commonly the gums would be chronically inflames around the metal-containing crowns, opening the door for progressive periodontal problems in the area.
The more we rock-on with these materials the better we all are cosmetically, environmentally and health-wise.

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